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Introducing our Waterproof Bluetooth speakers.   Now you can shower or bath and listen to music at the same time.    Bathing must be one of the most relaxing things to do, add to that relaxation with a little background music today.  The suction cup allows you to stick it on the wall or on the side of your bath.  It even floats for fun in the pool.




Welcome to   We specialise in the supplying Bluetooth and non Bluetooth speakers for use as corporate gifts.   Please note that we do not sell single units to the public, if you need to purchase a single unit or two please visit our reseller partner


Bluetooth technology is a wireless standard developed by the Ericsson Telecom company in 1994.  It was developed for sending data over short distances.  To exchange the data, UHF radio waves are used in the ISM band. (2.4 – 2.485 GHz)  Bluetooth was originally developed as an alternative to data cables in bid to overcome synchronisation problems when connecting several devices.


Why do we need Bluetooth® speakers?

Mobile phones have pretty good built in speakers these days.   No matter how good they are, they simply are not great for listening to music when outdoors or there is a group of people.  This is where Bluetooth® speakers come into play.  They are usually rechargeable and 100% portable making them fun to carry around and share music.  They are generally more powerful than the phone speaker and deliver clean and clear sound.

Bluetooth®  allows you to connect most new smart phones, tablets and even laptops or PC’s to your portable speaker.  As a result you do not need to be near the speaker when playing the music.  Bluetooth works from 10m away and often further when it’s in line of sight.

Bluetooth speaker portability

Almost all Bluetooth® speakers have rechargeable batteries inside.  Those without rechargeable batteries can often accommodate regular disposable batteries that you purchase.  This allows you to take them anywhere outdoors without needing a power supply.   Isn’t it truly amazing that you can take your bluetooth  speakers with you now when you go camping, on picnics or even to school.

Larger powerful Bluetooth® speakers that work off mains supply are available but we do not specialise in these models, as previously mentioned we sell gift and promotional models which are budget friendly.  Professional models such as JBL, Bose or Bowers and Wilkins deliver incredible sound but they do not come cheap.

Bluetooth speaker Sound Quality

Bluetooth® speakers come in a range of sizes and sound qualities.  Recent trends have been to make the bluetooth speakers as small as possible while still producing loud powerful sound.  This big bass sound is not for everyone, some prefer higher quality audio.  The price of the speaker will determine the sound quality in most cases. We can suggest a model to fit your promotions budget.

Bluetooth speaker Connectivity

Most Bluetooth® speakers will have a 3.5mm input jack, this makes them compatible with almost any phone, tablet or laptop.  In fact any portable device with an output port can be connected in this manner.

The main feature of Bluetooth® speakers is of course their ability to connect wirelessly and to give you portability.  The Bluetooth® function on these speakers will connect to most recent model phones and tablets.  Older models may not connect due to old operating systems incompatibility.

The range of Bluetooth® connectivity will vary from model to model. Most speakers will work up to 10 meters away when within line of site.  Some models have more powerful and advanced Bluetooth® systems and can work for up to 30 or 40 meters.

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