Unique Induction Speakers

There is no need to connect to Bluetooth, no cables to plug in, simply place your phone on top of the speaker to hear the sound.   Induction speakers utilise a technology known as Near Field Audio or NFA.  NFA should not be confused with NFC which is short for Near Field Communication.  NFC is similar to Bluetooth.

The sensor within the induction speaker senses oscillation in the electro magnetic field from your phone speaker, it then replicates it.  This signal is then amplified and sent out via the speaker in the induction speaker.   This is similar in principle to the way an electric guitar’s pick ups would work.  This funky product will keep your friends and family amused for hours.  It is powered with AA batteries or from a USB port.

Mini Bluetooth Speakers

These tiny Bluetooth speakers pack an audio punch considering their tiny size.  This model is the first generation of our Mini speaker with built in selfie button.  It’s quite amazing how they have fitted a Bluetooth module and a speaker into the tiny housing.  It is supplied in a a nice gift tin which makes it ideal as a corporate give away.  Customers are sure to take note of this thumping little boom box.

Branding option:

Full colour digital print onto the unit and / or laser engraving onto the tin.

Using power banks to power your Bluetooth Speakers

Do you want a Bluetooth speaker that will for hours on end?  Consider using a power bank in conjunction with your speaker for hours of pumping music.  The capacity of the power bank will determine how many more hours extra you will be able to operate the speaker.

Speakers will vary in their power requirements, this is a *rough guide as to how much longer you can play your speaker by using an external power bank:

2000mAh power bank  –   4-6 Hours

5000mAh power bank  –   8-10 Hours

10 000mAh power bank  –   25-30 ours

*Assuming the speaker has a 1500mAh capacity battery which normally plays for 4 hours at 75% volume.